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The members of the board at EnDow welcome you to our website. Hopefully this website will improve our connection with our alma mater, Dow Medical College and Civil Hospital Karachi and our alumni body DOGANA. 

By moving our fund collection work on-line, we intend to improve the speed of fund collection and the turn-around time for provision of receipts. If you are a US citizen/permanent resident, your donations to ENDOW supported funds and projects are fully tax deductible per applicable IRS rules for not-for-profit organizations 501 (c) (3).

We invite you donate generously to this very worthwhile cause and to join ENDOW through one of the standing committees (Finance, Project Evaluation, Communication) by sending an e-mail to Deeba Syed, President EnDow at deebansyed@gmail.comLet us all work together to build a better Dow and Civil Hospital Karachi for today and tomorrow. 

Please DONATE To Help Build Dow’s Endowment and Future!!!!