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Dear Fellow Dow Alumni,

image deeba syed

We are indebted to Dow for the lives we lead today. The bond that Dowites share with each other is strong and time-tested. We are also united by a common desire to give back to our alma mater.

enDow - the Dow Endowment Fund provides us with a platform through which we can repay our alma mater's continued contribution to our lives. Established in 2004 by DOGANA, enDow's parent organization, the endowment fund fulfils the need of a reliable source of income in perpetuity, which can be used for various projects directed towards the welfare of patients admitted in the affiliated Civil Hospital Karachi. In addition, this valuable resource can be utilized for incentives to medical students and young doctors through disseminating scholarships and recognition awards, encouraging them to perform to the best of their calibers. Other potential needs met by the endowment include organizing lecture series, research, facility maintenance, equipment and supplies, and any other academic purpose specified by the donor or the board of directors. By opening new windows of opportunity to young doctors, we can thus create a legacy of learning and leadership for generations to come.

Successful fundraising campaigns facilitated by generous contributions from Dowites have allowed the endowment to grow over time. The initial funds were wisely reinvested to provide greater financial flexibility and self-sustaining income streams. Through their donations, the Dowites have enabled and obligate enDow to help further causes they are passionate about; and in the process ensure organizational support and monitored disbursement of funds to designated projects.

We now have over $350,000 in our investment funds. The dividends from these investments are being used for ventures such as providing Dow students and faculty with free access to UpToDate, a costly electronic clinical resource tool that provides information on medical specialties. Additionally, enDow has been actively involved in facilitating various class projects that over the years have raised well over $2.4 million. These multi-dimensional projects are mainly focused on providing quality healthcare and coordinated patient-centered services to the underprivileged segments of the society.

However, there is much that still needs to be done. Our goal is to grow the enDow fund investments up to $10 million. The dividends, approximating half a million dollars yearly, can then be used to support uplift efforts desperately needed at Dow and Civil Hospital.

I invite Dowites to contribute in building that legacy by supporting enDow and help bring a lasting impact on not just the workings of our beloved alma mater but to the health care system in Pakistan.

Please consider donating to enDow when making your life decisions or honoring the memory of loved ones. An endowment gift will provide assurance that projects that enhance the functionality and prestige of our alma mater will continue to thrive.

Details on how to make a donation can be found at http://www.DowEndow.com/donate.html.

With your tax-deductible gift, you immediately become an active participant in improving the welfare of your alma mater and the people it serves.

Thank you,

Deeba Syed MBBS, PhD
President, Endow Board of Trustees