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ENDOW- Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1) What is ENDOW?

"ENDOW" is short for The Dow Endowment Fund Inc., a US-Based 501(c)(3) (not-for-profit) established to improve education and training of Dowites at Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) and Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK). The primary function of EnDow is to develop and maintain a healthy endowment fund, the profits of which will feed into various projects at DMC/CHK.  

2) Are my donations to ENDOW tax deductible?

Yes- as allowed by appropriate IRS rules for tax-paying residents of USA.
ENDOW's EIN (Tax ID) number is 200831588

3) Who runs ENDOW?

EnDow is run by a board comprising of Dowites who are nominated by DOGANA's Central Council and formally elected by the existing EnDow board members. The board always includes the sitting DOGANA President and Executive Director.

4) What is ENDOW's track record?

EnDow is a fledgling organization. EnDow's ultimate goal is to amass a sizable endowment such that uplift programs at DUHS and CHK can be undertaken with the profits from the Endowment's investments and holdings.

5) Where does ENDOW stand with its not for profit 501(c)(3) status?

EnDow is fully up to date and compliant with the federal and state governments in its not-for-profit registration status.

6) Do all ENDOW donors get receipts for their donations?

Absolutely! As soon as the money is credited to EnDow, a receipt is issued by email to the donor. We are current with respect to all the donors who have contributed since Jan 01, 2009.

7) How do I donate to Endow?

You can donate by sending a check to the address listed below or through the DONATE section of this website to pay your contributions online via Paypal.

8) Can I donate for a specific project at DOW? How can I donate for my own class project through Endow?

Our preference is to collect funds for the general/endowment fund so that we can have durable monetary support available for our alma mater. We only collect funds for the class projects that are duly approved by the board. We can only assist you with projects that could benefit the alma mater. If you feel particularly compelled about a project that you think we should work with, we will be happy to consider such a project/proposal for approval.

9) Why does ENDOW retain 5% of all receipts for class projects as an administrative expense?

While a fully volunteer board runs the business of EnDow, contributing hundred of hours in service, EnDow is contracted with a professional firm of accountants and a law firm to help with EnDow's activities and for it to remain fully compliant with IRS. In addition, EnDow needs funds to wire transfer money to Pakistan and and to run its website. All these activities cost money. EnDow intends to remain fully cost-neutral. Even with the 5% retention, EnDow remains one of the most cost-effective not-for-profits with minimal overhead expenses.

10) How do I donate to ENDOW?

ENDOW accepts payment by check or you can pay by PayPal through via the EnDow website. Mail your checks to: EnDow, PO Box 1894, Cordova TN 38088, Subject line on the check: ENDOW, Memo: General Fund or the project that you wish to donate for. Do also provide us with your email so that a receipt could be dispatched by email promptly to you if you mail in your check. For online donations through the website, receipts will automatically be generated.