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ENDOW Website-Privacy Disclosure and Terms of Website Usage

Dow Endowment Fund (ENDOW) has created this Privacy Statement to demonstrate respect for your privacy and to disclose our information collection and sharing practices. Regardless of whether you provide us with your personal information via our web site or in another manner (e.g. telephone, internet, regular mail), we strive to honor your privacy.

BY ACCESSING AND/OR USING THE WEBSITE, YOU HAVE AGREED TO 1) abide by the practices described in this Privacy Statement, as may be amended from time to time, and 2) the transfer, processing and maintenance of your personal and sensitive information in the United States of America.

THE PERSONAL INFORMATION WE COLLECT: Depending on the type of communication or transaction, the personal information we collect may include, but is not limited to, your name, postal address, zip code, telephone number and e-mail address.

WHERE AND WHEN WE COLLECT PERSONAL INFORMATION: You will be asked to provide your personal information when making a donation to ENDOW or making purchases at our on-line shop when we start it or requesting communications.

INFORMATION SECURITY: ENDOW has a layered security in our systems and only designated people have access to hard copies of your personal information. All on-line transactions are done on a secure server. This means that information entered on the transaction page is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) before transmission.

ENDOW MAY SHARE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION: Personal information will be shared internally at ENDOW and its accounting personnel to complete your donations or purchasing transactions, to contact you about our on-going work and ways that you can further support our efforts to help the alma mater (Dow University of Health Sciences and Civil Hospital Karachi and affiliated institutions) or our alumnus (Dow Graduate Association of North America-DOGANA). Your personal information will also be used to provide you access to the various sections of our web site that may be in the future personalized for your needs, as we grow. ENDOW will not share, rent or exchange donor names and postal address with third parties except in the limited circumstances outlined below:

EXCEPTIONS: ENDOW reserves the right to share your personal information in certain situations:

1. Credit Card Transactions, Electronic Fund Transfers, Payments by Check or Money Order and On-line Transactions. ENDOW hires third parties to provide credit card, bank, payment and information processing services and order fulfillment services. If you choose to make a donation on-line, or through mail or by other means, or make a purchase from our website, we will share your personal information with our processing service providers. We make an effort to require all third party service-providers to hold personal information in strict confidence. While we believe these other companies are upstanding and will treat your personal information responsibly, we do not own or control them and cannot guarantee your privacy.

2. Necessity. If we have reason to believe that there has been some inappropriate interference with or use of our web site, communications, services or personal or real property, or if we have reason to believe that ENDOW web site users, donors, employees or other related parties may have been injured or may have harmed some other party, we will disclose, with notice to you, personal information withheld by us as we deem appropriate or compelled by a legal or regulatory authority.

YOU MAY ALWAYS CHANGE YOUR PRIVACY PREFERENCES BY CONTACTING US: If you would like to change your privacy preferences, please e-mail us at info@dowendow.com

CHANGES TO PRIVACY PRACTICES: From time to time, ENDOW may revise its privacy practices to address changing technology, security measures and web site functionality. We strive to provide you with timely notice of these changes. Please contact us at info@dowendow.com if you have any questions about changes to our practices.

CONTACTING ENDOW ABOUT PRIVACY PREFERENCES: If you wish to change your privacy preferences or have any questions you may also contact us by postal service.

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EMAIL: info@dowendow.com