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DOW Class of 1985 Project

The Dow Medical College Class of 1985 is undertaking a very significant project of digitizing the x-ray radiology set up in Civil Hospital Karachi. The project is estimated to cost $300,000 and will result in significant quality improvement and cost-saving to the tune of Rs. 3 Crore/year. The project comprises of phases 1-3, each at a cost of $100,000. Phase 1 has been completed, phase 2 is underway and is being set up at the time of writing these lines, with an expected completion date of May 31, 2011. Phase 3 inshaAllah will be completed by Dec 31, 2011. Another very significant advantage of this project is the access of these images from any computer terminal of Civil Hospital Karachi and integration of digital radiology record into the EMR, being instituted in Civil Hospital Karachi. The project is being overseen by the Dow 1985 Foundation, Karachi, and the cost of the project includes 5 year full-maintenance and repairs by suppliers.