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Dow Medical College; Class of 1986 NICU/PICU Project:

Dear Friends,

I was recently in Karachi where I had several meetings and discussions with our classmates residing in Karachi, along with those visiting from overseas. The purpose of our discussions were to consider the potential options for a class project. We also had the privilege of having Nadeem Zafar with us, who is one year senior and was very much involved in their own class project. He helped us in the decision making process and was part of our meeting with officials at CHK/DUHS.

Several meetings were held with Dr. Saeed Qureshi, who is the current MS of Civil Hospital. The options which were discussed were medical OPDs, medical waste management, PICU/NICU. Dr. Qureshi showed us around different departments of CHK and various projects that had been accomplished by previous classes. Pediatrics Department was the most deprived at CHK. We also had met with the VC of DUHS, Dr. Masood Hameed, who was very welcoming and appreciative of the idea. Dr. Hameed was very helpful in providing the information and resources which will be instrumental in this endeavor.

On subsequent discussion with Dr. Qureshi, he proposed that we pursue a PICU/NICU project. This idea was considered in our discussion with our colleagues. We met with doctors working at AKU who are in charge of the PICU/NICU; they were very supportive and are willing to help us. Also, two of our classmates are in charge of pediatric units at CHK.

An open house was held on January 9th at Karachi Club for the class of '86; there were almost 30 people present. The PICU/NICU idea was introduced and everybody's opinions were considered. There was a unanimous agreement to proceed further with the PICU/NICU project.

What we need to do now is spread the word and make every effort to join together to make this project a reality. Some photographs are attached, look forward to hearing a response from everyone.

RJ (RIZWAN JABIR) - Coordinator, Dow Class of 1985 Project

Class Reunion 86 England

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